Ginger Root

The power of ginger cannot be underestimated.  That plant was of such value to early cultures, as seasoning, medicine and spiritual tonic, that it was referred to as a gift fro the gods.  Ginger originated in Southeast Asia before naturalizing in China, India and the Middle East.  


Origin: India

Flavor & Pairing: Sharp and Spicy which compliments cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, garlic and other warm spices.  

Culinary Uses: Cut Ginger is often brewed as a tea and can be added to hot milk. It's also is used in gingerbread, gingersnaps and other sweet snacks and is excellent in Indian spice blends, Chinese stir fry, marinades, pickles, Japanese rice dishes, mulled wine and vegetable stews.  


Type: Spices

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